Brian Boru High King of All Ireland

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Brian Boru Poster 1. Brian Boru as a young visionary warrior, victorious on land and sea.  His  bejewelled horse, shield and sword reflect his ambitious and impressive plans to conquer and unite the whole island of Ireland. 
Brian Boru Poster 2 (not shown here) portrays Brian Boru as a mature King. Secure in his power and achievements to date, he no longer needs  the elaborate trappings he carried as a young man
Brian Boru Poster 3. Brian Boru as elder statesman and monarch, surveys  the lie of the land before the Battle of Clontarf
Brian Boru Poster 4. The ghostly spirit of Brian Boru, ever ready for war, still roams the country on his mount; the spirit of the horse ever loyal to Brian one thousand years after death