Commission a Painting of your Pet


Brush Paintings of Pets 


In order to capture the dog's sense of play, spontaneity and life, I need to meet and spend quite a bit of time watching the dog interact with his/her owners, off lead and relaxed in their own environment.  This stage can take up to two hours as your dog has to get used to me being there, so that he /she ignores me and relaxes, and gets on with what they normally do.  It is also helpful to hear the owners describe the dog's personality. 
Then I return to my studio where I usually create a number of studies before selecting the final pose, working from a combination of memory, notes, sketches and photographs taken, and then I settle on and produce the best 'pose' as a finished workAs you see with the detail of my painting of the Golden Retriever*, I convey the essence of  your dog's personality in pared back clean brush strokes, rather than a photographic portrait.    The painting is created by working quickly, and there are no corrections- each stroke defines an essential part, and if the brush slips I start again - this is the nature of Chinese brush painting.  This can take two to three days.

The finished painting can be presented to you framed or unframed.

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* The original painting was donated at the Kildare Animal Foundation Open Day yesterday as a raffle prize- I really enjoyed the day and it is a great cause.   I love that they have a wildlife arm, as well as looking after abandoned or abused cats, dogs etc.   I picked up a good book too for a euro!


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