CURLY by Fiona and Vanessa

Curly 1997-2013.

Curly was a loyal gentle undemanding and obedient companion to his owner.  He passed on when his owner was in her late 80's. Physically he could be described as the mongrel version of a Shitsu. He was a black and white low sized long haired canine with cute eyes that peeped out from under his fringe. He had a  cosy life, sharing his owner with 2 grey cats Goran & Milley. He wanted for nothing. He had an extensive garden to roam in and bury his collection of juicy bones, saving them for a rainy day. He slept beside the Aga or in the sitting room.
Most importantly,Curly's role in aiding his owners recovery from a stroke was invaluable.  His needs had to be catered for and his owner was determined to feed him herself encouraging her to move about.

 One must never under estimate the role of the companion animal. Man's best friend 'The dog'.
Sadly Curly's Parts wore out and he passed away peacefully in 2013. He was a huge loss to his owner.
Vanessa and Fiona

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