KIRA by Monica and Mary, Kilcullen

Kira’s Story
I’d like you to meet a great friend and a loving and sensitive soul on four legs. Her name is Kira, a rescue dog from the Animal Foundation in Kildare.
She came into our lives in 2002 after a stressful period wandering the streets of Kildare.  Initially nervous and anxious she slowly gained confidence and soon established herself in our animal pack and in our hearts and grew into a strong and fun loving family pet.
 In 2012 she was assessed as a suitable therapy dog for Irish Therapy Dogs and Kira started her weekly visits to two local nursing homes with her co-owner Mary. Very quickly she earned the trust and love of the residents.

In January Kira was forced into retirement for medical reasons-an age related back problem. With the help of her dedicated Vet, and the aid of a canine zimmerframe she can hopefully maintain her mobility for a little longer and enjoy her retirement with her human and animal family.
Loved to bits by her owners
Monica and Mary, Kilcullen

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