RED by Pamela Bartley

This dog saved my day.... My life... Everyday.... Each day.... Mindfulness! Living in the moment.... The present.... Thats all there is.... I've known it for years but could never implement it.... But RED! She does it wonderfully! Run, wag, greet strangers... That's a setter for ya! Guaranteed a wonderful warm loving happy feeling everytime you leave the house with red! MAGIC....

Pamela Bartley

P.S.  Red was surrendered by her family to a local authority pound when she was 7 years old..., and she would have been put to sleep because no one  came to get her at the pound after get two week grace period there.... But a local animal sanctuary took her in, minded her for 4.5 months until FINALLY she found her forever sofa!   And even though she has Pam exhausted!  from all the exercise a setter needs.... Pam and red are delighted to have found each other.... But red occasionally looks for her old family and gets anxious about it, sometimes ..... 

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