SAM: Fearless adventurer and loyal scout of Club Mac Ronain by Francis Kelly

Sam: Fearless adventurer and loyal scout of Club Mac Ronain
This photo was taken in about 1991 on the summit of a snowy Mullaghcleevaun in Co. Wicklow while out rambling with three climbing friends and led by our fearless hound – Sam.
This wondrous friend had the qualities of mountain leadership to encourage us on the coldest of days to the remotest of places. He learned to recognise the mood of our group if we began to flag and motivate us to still greater challenges. Sam walked the great mountain ranges of Ireland.
I think this photo captures perfectly the fun and adulation Sam inspired among my friends – at this particular instant, likely refusing to let us stop for tea and encouraging us a little further along the wintry path.
Sam left us in 1996 and remains to us the missing scout and loyal member of our group: still ahead on the trail clearing danger away with a bark and inspiring us onward.

Francis Kelly

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