STECCHINO by Linda Cardillo of Naples, Florida

Stecchino; The Whippet Breed
I first became aware of the Whippet breed when I was a seven year old girl in New Jersey. My father knew I wanted a dog very badly and came home one week end with two whippets, a brother and a sister from one litter from Pennsylvania. I fell in love immediately. That was in 1950.
Unfortunately, the responsibility was too great for my mother and the dogs were returned to the kennel in short time. Although I loved my mother dearly I think, in my heart, I never really forgave her that heartbreak.
Years later, after my Dad retired and I was still living at home I convinced my parents to let me have a dog. They agreed and because I was a flight attendant, I relied on them to watch and care for my dog while I traveled. Of course, it was a whippet! And I have never been without a whippet as a pet ever since.
I have raised four children and all love the breed as much as I do. I have two whippets now and the oldest was a Christmas gift from my children ten years ago. Two years after that I got another from the same kennel.
While each dog has it’s own personality and neurosis Whippets in general are the sweetest tempered animals I know. Not to mention beautiful!
I have had Kaze (Japanese for wind), Calhoun(my husband’s nickname as a child), Stecchino (Italian for toothpick) and Giacomo (Jack in Italian).
We have also had a Brittany Spaniel Pagliaccio (clown in Italian) and a Springer Spaniel Geppetto. There was never a problem with the Whippets.

Linda Cardillo of Naples, Florida

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