Shad Fest Posters at Lambertville, New Jersey

I am enjoying the Shad Fest at Lambertville; I am

told these two golden retrievers love 

classical music;

This is from the official website; 

"Shad Fest Posters: What’s It All About?

Lambertville, New Jersey, Hunterdon County 40° 22′ 5″ N, 74° 56′ 35″ W
It’s all about the Fish.
Alosa Sapidissima (American Shad). Our fishy friends revisit us in a mass spawning every year like 
clockwork around the end of April. History and boredom have caused us to latch on to this 
phenomenon and celebrate it with fishy gusto! shadfest is born.
What’s Art got to do with it?
People got crazy and naturally started creating art to commemorate the yearly happening. 
Then someone came up with an idea to make this art benefit local young artists in some way. 
Shadfest art scholarship fund poster exhibit and auction was born.
A highly respected and visited grass roots art exhibit of original art posters created and 
donated by you—and it’s been going on for 30 years.
Lambertville and New Hope has a long history of being a place where artists come to live and create. 
The river, the hills, the natural beauty of our area to this day inspires artists from everywhere.
The art scholarship fund encourages and supports the next generation of talented local artists.
This benefit event happens in correlation with the Lambertville shadfest, hosted by the Lambertville Area 
http://shadfestposters.comChamber of Commerce and supported by generous business sponsors.
Proceeds raised from the auction of your art during shadfest weekend April 25/26 benefits an art 
scholarship fund for undergrads pursuing a career in the arts from local high schools in 
Lambertville, NJ and New Hope-Solebury PA.
Amateurs and pros alike participate and it’s been touted as the most fun and anticipated art
exhibit of the year.
We look forward to seeing what you come up with. Be sure to attend the artists opening reception, 
Friday Night, April 24th from 7-9 PM to get a first view of the exhibit and enjoy refreshments and 
noshes on us. At the First Presbyterian Church Rec. Room on N. Union Street in Lambertville.
Get your fish on!
Create art. Support a good cause. Acquire original art. Have some fun in this community based event."
And it's a small world; yesterday someone said to me in the street 
"There's a poster here from Ireland"

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