Bhrat Bridé (Bridget’s cloak, a light flurry of snow in March.)

Brat Bridé  (Bridget’s cloak, a light flurry of snow in March.)

The attic door is open
Letting warm air flow over the water pipes
I open my bedroom window and fling nuggets of food for birds as far as I can
Allowing some to fall to and through the slats of the Ikea garden table below
Blackbirds, thrushes let me know during 'Storm Emma’ that apples are most welcome
Goldfinch hordes are swooping towards the Niger seed feeder under the magnolia
The dogs are in heaven, cosy, warm after a mad run.
I sit at the kitchen table listening to ‘Playback’
Mind flies with possibilities - sort the greeting cards orders, prepare that application,
Clear that room, begin the ink painting of that wonderful tree….
Gusts filled with snow blast past the window
I’m fully rested, again thanks to Storm Emma.
I stride towards the kettle
I will make today count.
The snow is back 
A ‘light flurry’ how are ya!

20 March 2018

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