#SundayWink Jaunuary 20. 2019

My #SundayWink goes to Roisin Cross Silks 

My mum has always been a stylish lady, loves her clothes and is as smart as a pin.  To protect her clothes at home she wears a housecoat.   Hers was fairly drab and dilapidated.   Last year I had a brainwave; to have a housecoat made in silk;
I selected the fabric from Roisin Cross Silks wonderful range- and Anna M., also at Roisin Cross Silks copied my mum’s original, much worn housecoat.  

 Yes it’s an investment of money and time – but for a garment that’s worn 365 days a year and on view it’s SO WORTH IT – it’s warm, light, natural and fabulous.
My mum feels the cold now, but hates heavy garments so for her Christmas gift I selected another pattern  - upbeat red, winter white and navy, and here it is, draped on the back of the kitchen chair.  The two housecoats are so light one can be worn under the other, trapping layers of warm air and are super insulators. They are never off!! - and with the upbeat pattern never appears wrinkled.
100% success- and they look terrific.
(I know they say don’t put silk in the washing machine, but these go in on a silk wash and are perfect each time.)

Silk for everyday, all day, casual, comfortable, fresh is simply magnificant - Silk ROCKS!!
Thank you Judith O Sullivan owner of Roisin Cross Silks and Anna M. 
–and Monty too!

When I say ‘I’, I had the idea, Roisin Cross Silks in Deansgrange, Dublin had the silk and Anna M. the talent to make it happen.
Every real success is a Team Effort.

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