Source Chinese inks on canvas

Clare -Voyance

Chinese inks on slate

Mists over sea, bog, lowland, upland

Eigse Utopian Fare

Chinese inks, metallic pigments on canvas

A question of perspective- Angelica Citadel and silken webs or Weeds and Bugs?

Golden Artichokes

Chinese inks, metallic pigments, gold leaf on canvas

Dandelion Clocks

Chinese inks, metallic pigments on canvas

Incoming Showers

Chinese inks, gold and silver leaf on canvas

Study, Reeds

Chinese inks, gold leaf, metallic pigments on canvas

One morning, very very early at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre I was awakened by the most beautiful light. So up I got, and headed down to the lake where the early morning mist was clearing. I stayed and watched for over three hours as the sun came up.

On my way back to the main house for breakfast I met with several others who had also risen early and gone out into the grounds and found a place to be on their own.

Since then I have come across those same artists- a poet, a choreographer and a writer. All of us produced work based on that morning.

Reflections Squared

23.5 carat gold on Chinese inks in canvas

Reflections, Annaghmakerrig Lake

Chinese inks on canvas

Annaghmakerrig Lake

Lake 1

Lake 2

Chapel, Trinity College Dublin

Chinese inks on canvas

A College Cat, Fox on the cobbles

This painting went missing from exhibition!  


Mare and Foal

Chinese inks, metallic pigments on canvas

I really liked how the mare brought the curious foal in towards her side with a sweep of her tail