Sea Scape

As Storm Jorge rages across Ireland here is a seascape I painted recently that brings to mind a gentler sea.  
 My labrador and Lurcher Whippet are curled up together asleep at my feet, delighted to be indoors.  The Goldfinches and other wild birds were at the feeders all morning - glad I had their foodstuffs in!!

Surfing Hurricane Ivan in Liscannor Bay

as Storm Dennis rages I thought it opportune to revisit
my Surfing Song - It's a true story 

(sung to the air of  Johnny Jump Up)

I was handed a gift of a group surfing day 
"Twill enhance the enjoyment you get from the sea"  
 As my luck's decided, my class coincided
 With  Hurricane Ivan hittin' Liscannor Bay 

To ride the great waves  
folks came from near and from foreign
Their dream's to catch Aighlean 'tween Mohar and Aran
Mega trucks with pro surfers rolled in from Biscay
To surf Hurricane Ivan in Liscannor Bay

The coach held my board, centred, ready I lay
Now GO FOR IT. PADDLE! Wow! I've caught the wave!
Body glued to the board I surged into the quay
Cruising Hurricane Ivan on Liscannor Bay

Two long hours later, half drownded,  pale grey  
I finally drag my board to the quay!
Sore and exhausted, near dead from the sea. 
Darn that Hurricane Ivan in Liscannor Bay

One short week later I'm arais in 'sna tonn
Spied a man holding steady a board for his son
Twelve times he held it til the lad got the knack
And surfed in, erect, Sure I could do that!

Another year older, land locked in Kildare
Dreaming of when I'll be back in West Clare
With Hurricane Ivan blown out of the way
I'll conquer the surfing in Liscannor Bay

Hanging five, maybe ten, gliding tall and upright
When the board bites the sand, off I'll skip, oh so light
Vitalised, on a high, "Who's that?" they will say
Showing off fancy footwork on Liscannor Bay.

I'll park up in Lahinch, hang out on the Prom
A wetsuit and booties I'll get for a song
Share a chips and a pint at sunset each day
And distill golden moments in Liscannor Bay

Sheena Meagher ©

p.s; This last painting went missing during a change over in the shop where it was hanging.  I would love to get it back.