Sovereign III- Meadowsweet

Last June I was invited by an American friend to go on a walk in #Kilshanny led by qualified herbalist Emma Wilcox.  She drew our attention to he abundant variety of wild herbs and plants in the roadside hedgerows and their potential as food, for healing as well as their beauty.  I felt that during the dry conditions last Summer the vibrant dark green hedgerows were in stark contrast to the fields of wilting thirsty crops.
In September I was in the #Tyrone Guthrie Centre for two weeks and a new series of paintings emerged.
I titled the series Sovereign, meaning something of the land, in its own territory.
Sovereign III – Meadowsweet;
Gold leaf and silver on a jade  background depicts meadowsweet, a creamy perennial found in meadows, woods and marshes.

Meadowsweet was one of 3 herbs held sacred by the Celts and was used to flavour mead, for pain relief, to stop bleeding and as a disinfectant.  It was included in bridal bouquets to attract love, peace and happiness. Since 1838  it was synthesized and sold as aspirin, deriving it’s name  from the latin name  Spirea Ulmana- and in time the non steroidal anti inflamatories now used.



During my recent residency at the wonderful #Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Monaghan I missed my two dogs- a 'mainly' lab and a lurcher.  SO I recreated their joyous energy playing with a ball;  gold on slate.


Chiming Bells and Ticking Clocks

Inspired by bluebells towering over the dandelion clocks on a still sunny May morning on the roundabout between Naas and Johnstown Co. Kildare

Work in progress....


BORZOI, Chinese inks on canvas

Medium; Chinese inks on canvas.  Size; 75cm x 100cm

Borzoi; Fast, wavy coated Russian sight hound.

Known as the ‘ballet dancers’ of the canine world, the Borzoi is streamlined, graceful and strong.  Quiet, athletic and independent, they are gentle and sensitive with powerful hunting instincts.


A Very Lovely Tribute Received;

Thank you Stefan for these kind words;

"It is a great joy to find an artwork that reflects the person you are buying for as a present.  Sheena's Lurcher images struck with great force when I came across them and as a result brought considerable pleasure to the friend who received the painting 'Relaxed Yet Interested'.  Sheena shows an intimate understanding and insight to the wonderful natures of the Lurchers and Whippets who, with the Greyhound are the undiscovered & ideal pets for any home and family.  The effect our friend says it all.  'Thank you!  Thank you! You are both VERY naughty.  The painting is absolutely fabulous and I love it."
Stefan Nyland


Memories of goats and cheese making in the Burren, Co. Clare

The goats followed their owner into the heart of the Burren on spindly legs and delicate hooves.
At the end of the lane the herd spread out, picking their own routes and wandering on to forage.  To my eyes even the blackthorns appeared to sprout little antlers and form pointy faces.


Journey, Tyrone Guthrie Centre @ Annaghmakerrig May 2016

I arrived with the intention of completing a painting on silk bonded with canvas that I had been struggling with for over two years; the aim was to 'fix it' in two days.  I had a definite sense of purpose, a job to do, a deadline.

I struggled on for a day.  The energy was all wrong;

So I peeled away the layer of silk to expose the canvas below, gold had already been applied to shine through the silk, and I worked on this instead;

A sea with swallows swarming arrived

Day 2. Being at Tyrone Guthrie Centre, informed by the greens of the surrounds, the lake, memories of a Barrie Cooke series of dripping jungle foliage ... I painted on, and birdlike creatures, primordial, a deep lake took over.

A gift of extra time arrived and I washed back, exposing layers.  Ships, distant horizons, movement,

A sprite appeared cradling something precious

The work
The Gift of Time


Bicycle, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

Bicycle leaning against the railings, synonymous with life in Trinity College Dublin.

This view captures the famous cobblestones, lawn and trees of Library Square.

Signed and numbered Fine Art GiclĂ©e print by artist Sheena Meagher. 

From original painting in Chinese ink. Print size 42x29.5cm    
Available from the Old Library Shop, Trinity College Dublin Tel; + (0)1 8961650 or


Title; Early morning, receding tide, freedom. A painting from Dog Days; Exhibition of Chinese ink brush paintings


Chinese inks, structure medium on deep edge canvas.  Size 60 x 60 cm

Gathering at the farm from Dog Days; Exhibition of Chinese ink brush paintings. For further information please conact 087 276 1156

Chinese inks on deep edge canvas Size 60 x 60cm

Winter from Dog Days; Exhibition of Chinese ink brush paintings

Title; Winter

Chinese inks on deep edge canvas 60 x 60cm


Titles; Waiting; Forty Winks; Look Who's Coming. Dog Days Exhibition

Framed Chinese Ink Brush Paintings on Watercolour Paper
Size (unframed) 32 x 24cm


Burren, County Clare

A memory of a Burren walk 

Searching for watercolour paper recently, the butterfly stickers in the craft section drew me right back in time.  Two years ago I was walking in the Burren near Mullaghmore.  

I approached what I thought was a carpet of mauve flowers in the limestone and grasses. . .


As I drew near the 'carpet' took off- hundreds of tiny moths in a cloud of pale blue. 

A few yards away another gathering of pale pink covering the ground erupted into flight.



Doolin Folk Festival 2014

Orchids in the Heather

"This will be a great weekend; there will be some fabulous music". 
We pass on in
And it’s true

Music everywhere,
Strawberry moon shining on whistles, bodhrans, guitars and fiddles, flutes.
Musicians and singers flow on and off the stage, gifted, gifting
Original, astonishing, captivating...
And it gets better

Energetic, soulful, dynamic, delightful, haunting..

Taking a break, walking Hags Head to the Cliffs of Mohar. 
Sheer black and crumbling brown cliffs, deep navy blue sea. 
Gulls wheeling, passing walkers nodding hello. 
Orchids in the heather.

Back for more, more music, more melodies, more tunes
Wexicans round the fire, jibes flying
A full house for Damo, a session like no other on Fitzie's Corner
Music turning, whirling through the crowd,
So alive you could almost see it like a wind in a field of high barley
Moxie’s on the loose

At last, under the full honey moon, Blackie, Cyril and guests take the stage,
A true Doolin flavour to complete the feast

Doolin Folk Festival 2014


Toro Toro


Since 2006, I have collected personal recollections and  pithy observations, from people associated with the subject I am painting.  I find these paintings in words enhance the experience of visitors and those who have donated wordscapes.  At times the wordscapes have been transformational.

Photograph by Kristofer Mills, Resident Program Manager Djerassi Artists Residence taken in the Artist's Barn at the Djerassi Artist's Residence, California.  I was preparing to present my work to other participants, and these were wordscapes collected for Clare-Voyance solo painting exhibition, CourtHouse Studios, Ennistymn Co. Clare.