Sea Dreams

I have been dreaming of the sea, of resting my eyes on the horizon and smelling the salt.   Friends have been sending beautiful photos over the past three months and while we’ve been chatting I have half an ear to the sounds of the sea in the background, coming through the phone.  
It’s a magnetic thing.


A #Sunday Wink in June during Covid -19

My #SundayWink in the time of Covid-19 are the three studio companions.  While I am not accessing my studio in Johnstown House Business Centre I have set up a temporary place to paint in the front hall.  The three pals are content to lie under the table while I work away, giving a relaxed and grounded feeling!



JUNE VISITORS - Bullfinches in the garden

Garden Wildlife in June;
The sight of bullfinchs visiting the garden is a daily delight; there are wrens nesting as well as sparrows, pigeons, starlings and blackbirds.  The ground is as hard as the hob of hell so they have a rough time getting food. The recent rain must be a bonus for them!
I seem to have a trio of robin pals – if I’m in the garden that’s fair enough, they are all around me. We have to keep the doors closed as they’ve made several attempts to check out the kitchen and living room.  I had to rush to close the door just now coming in- three robins hot on my heels.   They must think they are like our dogs, who come right in!