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'Joey' will be auctioned to try to raise money to donate to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc. - Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation).
The auction starts on the 29th
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Joey and Ulysses Butterflies

Title; Joey and Ulysses
Dimensions;  30 cm x 24 cm
Materials;  Chinese inks, acrylic gold on water colour paper

The Story behind this painting;
My smooth haired Lurcher came to me from the K.W.W.S.P.C.A. nicknamed ‘Leo the Lunatic’. At that time we had a neighbour called Leo so that name couldn’t stay.
This new Lurcher was like a tornado, tearing around and completely wild. His giant leaps over the furniture reminded me of a deer so I renamed him Rudy. Then I met a serene and gentle Lurcher called Blue – and I borrowed that name, hoping some of these traits would transfer across.
About a year later, I saw a T.V. show about a man running a kangaroo sanctuary. I was transfixed by the baby ‘joey’ kangaroos.
Their pointed intelligent faces, boxing front paws, great muscled back legs and long tails used to balance were immediately familiar to me and I knew my Lutcher’s name is Joey! He has developed into a wonderful dog.


Siamese Cat Client Response

Very happy to receive this from a client;

Sheena, oh my goodness, I just adore my Portrait of Hussein Mahony. I knew you would do a great job but this is something else. Immediately I saw it I thought 'Oh Gosh this is so my Hussein' but then the eyes, they completely draw you in and suddenly I am staring right into his very soul. It's just so special. I can't thank you enough. I'm trying to get a photograph of him posing beside it but he doesn't feel like it at the moment so it remains a work in progress, I will share once his lordship feels like it🙄😂💕.