The Gift of Time

      Way back, I was lucky enough to be selected by the Tyrone Guthrie Centre for their Artists Exchange with the Djerassi Artists residency in California. The sign on the gate read "The Gift of Time'.
One of my favourite places and things to do while in residency at Djerassi was to take my coffee out on the deck to hear the dawn chorus sweeping up to the house- that magical start of day when it’s still dark - and then walk to the hay cart at the top of the hill and watch the sunrise. 
I’m so grateful I hold so many beautiful memories from that time, of people and that place.  
I'm also grateful I got to thank Dr Karl Djerassi in person when he brought his literary work to Science Gallery Trinity College in Dublin, for creating such a wonderful gift to artists of all disciplines.

I took this series of photos this morning at first light here in Naas. Right now I am grateful to have the time to notice the beauty thats all around me.