Doolin Folk Festival 2014

Orchids in the Heather

"This will be a great weekend; there will be some fabulous music". 
We pass on in
And it’s true

Music everywhere,
Strawberry moon shining on whistles, bodhrans, guitars and fiddles, flutes.
Musicians and singers flow on and off the stage, gifted, gifting
Original, astonishing, captivating...
And it gets better

Energetic, soulful, dynamic, delightful, haunting..

Taking a break, walking Hags Head to the Cliffs of Mohar. 
Sheer black and crumbling brown cliffs, deep navy blue sea. 
Gulls wheeling, passing walkers nodding hello. 
Orchids in the heather.

Back for more, more music, more melodies, more tunes
Wexicans round the fire, jibes flying
A full house for Damo, a session like no other on Fitzie's Corner
Music turning, whirling through the crowd,
So alive you could almost see it like a wind in a field of high barley
Moxie’s on the loose

At last, under the full honey moon, Blackie, Cyril and guests take the stage,
A true Doolin flavour to complete the feast

Doolin Folk Festival 2014

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