Dancing all night at the best party in Dublin, 
dizzy with study, exams looming next Monday,
 the revellers flock around the Campanile as dawn breaks. 
This is the Trinity Ball- there is nothing like it. 

From Halcyon Hours Exhibition, TrinityCollege Dublin 

The first weekend of May was always significant for me; start of the Summer, long days, freedom.  As a student (not in Trinity) one of the highlights of the year was the Trinity Ball, traditionally held on campus the first weekend of May.  I was lucky to go several times;   One of the best was the year about 20 of us met in the pub, everyone dressed in black tie and ball gowns and all waiting to see if one guy had managed to get tickets for us all. He did.  We had a ball!  The whole campus was open to students, and fantastic bands played throughout the night, finishing at dawn with breakfast in Bewleys' of Grafton Street who opened specially for the occasion.
I still love to celebrate the start of May  - and hope the weather stays fine tomorrow!  The campanile may be replaced by towering bluebells in the garden, orchestra, bands and groups by the dawn chorus, the group of pals reduced to me and the dogs due to due to Covid 19 –I will be celebrating the start of Summer 2020 regardless!

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