THE GLORIOUS 5TH OF MAY (to quote Terry Pratchett)

As I prepare to launch into the day – and it is a gloriously beautiful one – I remember Paul Brady’s words ‘My optimism doesn’t mean I’m not aware or I don’t care’.

I wonder how I ever ‘fitted’ or probably squeezed SO much into every hour of every day of every week.  And all those classes - which I loved, and miss, the exercise, the people, the learning.  
I love to get away to the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, giving myself the Gift of Time to create, to paint, and to chat with other folk who were gathered around the coffee table or at the nightly dinner at 7pm when the gong was sounded to call everyone from their work.  It’s taken til now, - I had hints at the start this might happen.

Today I am setting up my studio in the front hall on this the glorious 5th of May, 2020.

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