Surfing Hurricane Ivan in Liscannor Bay

as Storm Dennis rages I thought it opportune to revisit
my Surfing Song - It's a true story 

(sung to the air of  Johnny Jump Up)

I was handed a gift of a group surfing day 
"Twill enhance the enjoyment you get from the sea"  
 As my luck's decided, my class coincided
 With  Hurricane Ivan hittin' Liscannor Bay 

To ride the great waves  
folks came from near and from foreign
Their dream's to catch Aighlean 'tween Mohar and Aran
Mega trucks with pro surfers rolled in from Biscay
To surf Hurricane Ivan in Liscannor Bay

The coach held my board, centred, ready I lay
Now GO FOR IT. PADDLE! Wow! I've caught the wave!
Body glued to the board I surged into the quay
Cruising Hurricane Ivan on Liscannor Bay

Two long hours later, half drownded,  pale grey  
I finally drag my board to the quay!
Sore and exhausted, near dead from the sea. 
Darn that Hurricane Ivan in Liscannor Bay

One short week later I'm arais in 'sna tonn
Spied a man holding steady a board for his son
Twelve times he held it til the lad got the knack
And surfed in, erect, Sure I could do that!

Another year older, land locked in Kildare
Dreaming of when I'll be back in West Clare
With Hurricane Ivan blown out of the way
I'll conquer the surfing in Liscannor Bay

Hanging five, maybe ten, gliding tall and upright
When the board bites the sand, off I'll skip, oh so light
Vitalised, on a high, "Who's that?" they will say
Showing off fancy footwork on Liscannor Bay.

I'll park up in Lahinch, hang out on the Prom
A wetsuit and booties I'll get for a song
Share a chips and a pint at sunset each day
And distill golden moments in Liscannor Bay

Sheena Meagher ©

p.s; This last painting went missing during a change over in the shop where it was hanging.  I would love to get it back.


Charity Auction for Australia NOW LIVE

I was invited to contribute to a charity auction organized to raise funds for Australian wildlife devastated by fires. The auction is run by Paola Marra of IHEARTWHIPPETS.
The auction kicks off on Weds (29th) at 8am – it looks fantastic and she is hoping it’ll raise loads to help the chosen charities (WIRES 45%, Wildlife Victoria 45% and Red Cross 10%).


Fundraiser for Australian Red Cross and WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc

'Joey' will be auctioned to try to raise money to donate to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc. - Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation).
The auction starts on the 29th
Here’s a link to the auction event: .ONLINE AUCTION

Joey and Ulysses Butterflies

Title; Joey and Ulysses
Dimensions;  30 cm x 24 cm
Materials;  Chinese inks, acrylic gold on water colour paper

The Story behind this painting;
My smooth haired Lurcher came to me from the K.W.W.S.P.C.A. nicknamed ‘Leo the Lunatic’. At that time we had a neighbour called Leo so that name couldn’t stay.
This new Lurcher was like a tornado, tearing around and completely wild. His giant leaps over the furniture reminded me of a deer so I renamed him Rudy. Then I met a serene and gentle Lurcher called Blue – and I borrowed that name, hoping some of these traits would transfer across.
About a year later, I saw a T.V. show about a man running a kangaroo sanctuary. I was transfixed by the baby ‘joey’ kangaroos.
Their pointed intelligent faces, boxing front paws, great muscled back legs and long tails used to balance were immediately familiar to me and I knew my Lutcher’s name is Joey! He has developed into a wonderful dog.


Siamese Cat Client Response

Very happy to receive this from a client;

Sheena, oh my goodness, I just adore my Portrait of Hussein Mahony. I knew you would do a great job but this is something else. Immediately I saw it I thought 'Oh Gosh this is so my Hussein' but then the eyes, they completely draw you in and suddenly I am staring right into his very soul. It's just so special. I can't thank you enough. I'm trying to get a photograph of him posing beside it but he doesn't feel like it at the moment so it remains a work in progress, I will share once his lordship feels like it🙄😂💕.


New Years Dawn, 2020

I was woken by the movement of this dancing figure and birdsong in the first sunlight of 2020.

Happy New Year, New Decade and a new 12 year cycle beginning 25th January.
the days, months and years to come,

may you know great health, happiness and joy


Siamese Cat Portrait

A portrait of a beautiful Siamese Cat. Depending on the light, daylight or mood lighting, the colours change. I used silver leaf behind the eyes - they glint in direct light.
Chinese inks, silver leaf on canvas


Siamese Cats @ Banner Books, Ennistymon, Co. Clare

A selection of my greeting cards and two studies of Siamese Cats are now available at Banner Books, Ennistymon, Co. Clare.Banner Books, Ennistymon
3 The Square, Ennistymon, Co Clare
Phone: 065 707 1372  Email:

FaceBook Sheena Meagher Artist

Feeling very grateful for a fab two day stay in the Banner County, drinking in deep breaths of Atlantic air from Liscannor Bay, buying gorgeous comb honey from the Rock Shop in Liscannor, watching the wonderful Swan Lake Ballet at Glor in Ennis, eating  brunch at the Little Fox Cafe, Ennistymon, enjoying dinner with friends at the Town Hall, Ennis and a million reasons to go back for another visit soon.


Lyles Shoes in Portarlington are displaying my work for sale including some studies of this gorgeous Siamese cat, a view of the Hills of Clare from Galway Bay and a sleeping fairy.
#LylesShoes #GalwayBay #Burrenpaintings #Siamesecat #Fairy


Russborough House Candlelight walk

Hats off to the organisers of the Candlelight Walk at Russborough House this evening in aid of St Mary’s Church and the Irish Cancer Society.

It was a magical experience, walking by candlelight, starlight and the occasional torch under the majestic trees in the parkland.  Just the right length and the tray bake from the van was yummm!  The Lurcher really enjoyed the experience too.


Poem by Rosy Wilson, painting by Sheena Meagher


Ghost stories....

As part of a series of views of Trinity College, sold as prints in the Old Library Shop I created a painting of one of the pair of wrought iron spiral stairs in the Long Room. One of the Trinity staff members obligingly walked down the stairs while I sketched and photographed, to help me give the painting a sense of scale 
I brought the material I had gathered to the house in Co. Clare, placed the large canvas in the kitchen, hanging it on the wall just beside the door.  I closed the window shutters, lit a candle to evoke the atmosphere and set to work.  Lucy PepR, the dog preferred to spend her time in the front room, keeping an eye on passers by on the prom.

A few days into painting I was happy with the stairs, the bookshelves and gleaming gold gilded tomes.  I raised my paintbrush to bring in the figure of a Librarian on the stairs when the kitchen door suddenly  BURST open.  I SCREAMED in fright.   
Lucy PepR,  screamed back in fright ((she had come in for a drink of water – her dish was directly under the painting) My brush did a wobble connecting with the canvas.

I calmed the poor dog and turned to the painting.  

There, standing on the Spiral stairs was a ghostly figure, not descending the stairs but calmly reaching over the handrail towards the shelves for a book.  The feeling of fright was so real and authentic I left it exactly as it appeared.  You can just make it out at top left , under the word 'Bibliotheca'.